Let Korck Components assist you in making your vision reality. We do work for several well-known Artists, Designers and Architects. Our attention to detail and thorough understanding of carpentry principles helps us manufacture furniture pieces that last a lifetime. With this in mind, true green manufacturing is making items of furniture that last more than one lifetime.

What are Custom or Bespoke Creations?

This is defined as when an item is specifically made for a client or purpose. These are more often than not “one-off” commissions used as feature pieces wherever they are displayed.

What do we do?

When we approach bespoke items we follow our development process closely with additional attention focused on what our client is intending the piece to represent and feel based on where it will be shown.

Most of these bespoke commissions are from the actual artists, sculptures and architects.

These commissions are often based on our ability to turn large items based on the machinery we have available.

We do not limit ourselves to only turned items. We manufacture a wide variety of components as well as full furniture pieces. We have the skill set for fine carpentry work.

We have the added benefit of having skilled staff that carve. This carving skill has also allowed us the privilege of repairing and restoring one-off items for a wide range of clients, including furniture from Parliament.

Some of these commissions can be seen here. Also, to see more follow the link to visit our Clients section.

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