Korck Components

The Process

Our approach to the work we do follows a development process that needs to run a certain route in order to achieve what our clients need.

Our Design and Development process is as follows:

  • Initial concept: Hand drawn sketches, pictures of similar designs, samples of similar designs or concepts
  • Detailed drawings: Dimensioned and rendered in order to achieve the concept of design desired
  • Design approval: Once the detailed drawings are approved and signed off
  • Prototyping Phase: This is where we make the first sample of what was approved.

Then we work through the prototype produced to see if there are any tweaks or changes required for another iteration by updating drawings and approving of any changes or updates. Second or thirds generation prototypes may need to be produced to finalise the design and related details before it can progress to production ready specification.

Production: We offer various levels of production depending on the industry we’re servicing but the same development route is followed, as per the preceding steps listed above.

Often for high volume production items require small changes, adjustments and refining which can only be simulated by the actual production process.

Quality control and assurance: Once the product has reached serial production level the future success thereof is determined by maintaining strict quality control of the manufacturing processes and according to the specification required.

Communication is the key: In order to maintain good relations with our clients we need to be able to deliver good quality products on time and at a fair price, for this to happen we all need to keep talking.

Clear lines of communication to maintain the standard required will be what turns our customers that use our service as a once off, to long standing clients we can build relationships with lasting for many productive years.

Initial Concept Sketch

concept Sketch

Detailed Drawings

detailed drawings

Design Render

Design Render

Prototype & First Run