This is where the items we contract-manufacture are sold in large volumes with lower margins. These clients are retailers who service specific portions of the industry related to their specialty. We have long standing relationships with each of these clients and we pride ourselves in being able to service each of them individually and fiercely protect that which is theirs, i.e. designs, wood used, colour and finish etc.

  • Our wholesale clients cover a wide range of clients in the industry, e.g.:
  • Manufacturers of indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Upholstery wholesale suppliers
  • Procurement companies to the hospitality industry

We offer our wholesale items in either raw and/or polished states. We consistently strive for superior attention to detail to all items we produce. We are also pioneering a new range of legs made from different wood types that can be bought off the shelf from wholesale suppliers. Always innovating and trying to best service our client base on meeting their specific market needs.

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